Hof van Eden
Hof van Eden!









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    Hof van Eden

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    Worship the King







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A little peace of heaven
A little peace of heaven
I want to take my time and walk within the garden Of springs beauty and tranquility Where God adds so many colors For my bless filled eyes to see
I want to smell the roses Gaze upon the morning glories, too As they glisten and sparkle like diamonds In the early morning dew
I want to plant my seeds And watch them sprout and grow So when others walk beside me They will see the love I’ve sowed
And as I pray in the garden My knees touch the soft and giving ground I thank God for all my blessings This little piece of Heaven… I’ve found
And if you wish to pluck a flower “Please do”, I always say “But, if you really like… You can have… a big bouquet”
When my hands can no longer work the soil When my planting days are through In all the joy this garden has given me I’ll happily pass it on... to you   
Brenda Conley © 2003


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